Dive and Cruise was founded in 2009 by a team of professional scuba divers and worldwide travel gurus with decades of scuba and travel experience throughout some of the most incredible destinations around the world.

After years of working in the diving industry as guides and instructors, while leading a seasonal and nomadic lifestyle where we moved from place to place following the sun, we now have families to support and to grow, so we decided settle down and open a Diving Travel Agency.

As divers, we enjoy every underwater moments and we want to share these beautiful moments with you. Every one of us has been worked in the diving-tourism industry as professionals before join the team. Our experiences and knowledge have given us a deep understanding of what our divers/travellers are expecting, and the key factors to make a wonderful dive vacation!

We offer hassle-free dive vacation booking services for worldwide liveaboard destinations, with true advice and feedback.
We never aim to sale you the most expensive trips, but the most suitable one for you.

We plan it, You dive it !

Just tell us where & when you want to go, we will make it come true for you!

Dive and Cruise Team are ready to assist you and make your dive vacations to another level.
We will always be here to assist you in every aspect we could along the process.

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The team


Executive Manager
Liveaboard Travel Specialist
English, French, Italian
Diver since 1998
PADI IDC Staff Instructor #953356
CMAS 2** Instructor #SUI/F01/I2/08/80
TDI Extended Range Instructor #12871
DSAT TEC Deep & Gas Blender Instructor

Originally from Paris, but has been all around the world since his 20', he is definitely an oceanophile. Johann worked as a recreational and technical dive instructor between Europe, Egypt, Malta, and Southeast Asia in the first decade of his scuba Pro life, taught more than 1,000 students all over the world with PADI, TDI, CMAS. In recent years since, he has dived almost all of the destinations that we offer to our divers, he wants to take the knowledge he gained and share back to the dive community.

"Integrity is key to me, be able to advice and be fair with our divers is what I like to do and keep doing so. Complains and sugguestions are always welcomed, to progress, be better."


Regional Manager & Marketing
Liveaboard Travel Specialist
English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Diver since 2009
PADI Divemaster #287907

Shueri was introduced to travel as an infant, the love for adventures are in her blood, she became divemaster in 2009, and she just can't stop diving ever since. Having toured more than 70 countries before the age of 30, she has developed a keen eye for details and she curates travel in a completely different way, she takes carefully precise planning and elevates it to an emotional level and understanding that seemingly small modifications can make a world of difference for guests. Her advices always shines through in the experiences she offers to our divers.

"I truly want my divers to enjoy the max. adventures, fun and laughs, we only live once, we got to fill it with adventures and good vibes as much as we could! Ask me, I'm not shy to share my knowledges."


Regional Manager
Liveaboard Travel Specialist
English, French
Diver since 2008
PADI OWSI #274503

Thibaut began his travels in French Guiana, after a year in that tropical land he decided to move to Southeast Asia and discover the underwater world there, best decision in his life. He became a PADI OWSI Instructor in Malaysia by the year of 2008, after that he continued his Instructor journey to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives and Greece, spent a lot of time guiding the shark diving while teaching. Recently, he settled with his family in the Southwest of France. In his spare time, he enjoys BBQ, exploring new places and dad jokes!

"I will be following your booking requests till your first step in the Ocean. My advices are from a diver to another. I love what I do, know how important these experiences are, and I take great pride in making sure all is in perfect order so our guests can return home with an exceptional memories. "


Founder of Luna Diving Ltd (Thailand)
Thailand Dive Holiday Specialist
English, Italain, French, Thai
Diver since 1997
PADI OWSI #946093

Giorgio was born in Sardinia, Italy - where he discovered his passion for the sea since childhood. He became dive instructor in Sardinia back in 2001. He has trained thousands of divers over the years. And his love for diving pushed him to travel to the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Maldives and Asia... Later on he found his paradise land and decided to stay, the land of smiles - Thailand. He has more than 8,000 dives now and for those who want to diver from Phuket, he will be more than happy to accompany you with a big smile! He has a great sense of humor and is very fun-loving!

"Come and dive with me in the warm tropical waters of Thailand, you will be amazed how much fun we could have together and you'll always be safe and sound under my guardian while having a good time!"


Regional Manager
Liveaboard Travel Specialist
Russian, Latvian, English, German, Italian
Diver since 2004
PADI Divemaster #283296

Ksenia is a Latvian girl from Riga. After graduated with an IT degree, she spent few years on a software programmer job. However, she doesn't want to look at the screens all day, her uncontrollable desire to travel had lead her to leave everything behind in 2004, and becoming a scuba divemaster, and traveling around the Southeast Asia. She had spent a few seasons in the Raja Ampat area as a dive guide on different liveaboards before join Dive and Cruise. You will receive personalized service that is tailored to your tastes and travel goals from her.

"By listening to my clients, I learn what is their dive interest, what they like and don't like, so I can share my advices and help them to plan amazing trips. This is wonderful!"


Sales Reprsentative (Middle East)
Liveaboard Travel Specialist
English, Russian
Diver since 2011

Marina started scuba diving under the influcen from her husband, who is a scuba instructor. From 2011 to 2013, they worked at a dive club in Crimea, assisted in teaching scuba diving for the children there. After 3 years of working in the club, Marina wanted to work in the diving tourism. She learned a lot about the popular trends, particular features of liveaboard services, and enlarged the clientele in diving tours, and developed new business areas (such as kite cruise and corporate cruise). In 2017, Marina has moved to Dubai with her husband, where she gained great experience in private yacht rentals within the luxury segment.

"After working in the world of diving safari, there seemed to be no point in yachts without a divedeck and pleasure cruises without diving."


Sales Executive
Management of Sales & Reservation Team
English, French, Spanish
Diver since 1998
PADI OWSI #977983 & CMAS 2** Instructor

Manu's family are all travel junkies, he was born in France. And ever since he was a kid, he had followed his parents to lot of places in France and abroad, he took the travel virus really early and travel has always be his No.1 passion. The dive adventure started in 1996, during one summer trip he discovered scuba diving, and felt like a fish, he end up didn’t want to go back to the surface at his very first dive. He has studied tourism, and worked in the tourism industry since the beginning of his career! He has worked as tour leader on liveaboards and as manager at the dive centers.

"Making my divers the happiest! When I match the liveaboard to the right diver, then I have created the perfect travel memory to last for a lifetime!"


Sales Reprsentative (Europe)
Liveaboard Travel Specialist for Groups
English, French, Spanish, German
Diver since 1990

Sebastian is definitely the best "fish" among all of us! He was born in Dakar, Senegal, where he lived until the age of 10. He made his first apnea at 6-7 years old and tried the regulator at the age of 8. He's an accomplished sportsman, loving all kind of sports and good at all of them, but his passion is all about the ocean. The passionated love for the sea has drove him to some of the most magnificent places all around the world, he spent 8 years in between the four continents and five oceans, with training and guiding recreational divers along the way. Now he lives in the southern France, near Cavalaire with his beautiful twin girls.

"I do know my field well and will do my best to organize diving holidays for groups and dive clubs."


Administrative Officer
Administrative Specialist
English, French
Diver since 2000

Jessica is a marine lover and a fervent defender of Human Rights and Nature. She was involved in all kinds of activities that support and protect our beautiful planet. In her early 20', Jessica spent 5 years doing bubbles as a dive guide between Cozumel, Roatan Island, Utila and Thailand.

Now she is a proud mother of two young girls, and she has switched from scuba diving to surfing whenever she got free time for herself, but her love for the ocean, the salty sea breeze has never changed.

"I am the one who arrange, manage the paperwork from all aspects of your vacation in order to make your dream holiday come true. I will do my best, always!"

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