Dive and Cruise Ltd, Dive and Sail Ltd and Dive Abroad Lp are our main operating companies that organizing and selling dive vacations worldwide.

When you send us a booking request, in less than 24hrs (during weekdays) to 48hrs (during weekends), you will receive an email from us. We will provide you with the real-time availabity, cabin information, promotion info and price. In the event the trip you choose do not have availability, our agent will offer you a few similar options.

Once you made your decisions about the trip you want to join, we will confirm with you for your participation. During the confirmation, you can inform us how you would like to proceed your payment.

When you make a reservation with us, you will have different possibilities to proceed your payment to us in order to confirm your trip. If you have any question, you can always write us an email : [email protected], we will get in touch soon.

After payment has been received, we will send a Confirmation Voucher to the email address you provided. The Voucher serves both as proof of your booking and as an invoice for your administration.

International Bank Transfer (SWIFT Network)

Payments can be made via International Telegraphic Transfer to our company HSBC bank account in Hong Kong.

  • Accept currencies : USD, EUR, HKD, AUD
  • The bank handling fee range between $5 - $20 depends on your local bank (outside Hong Kong).
  • For local HK banks pay via FPS in HKD, no handling fee will be charged.
  • A bank slip is required to send to us, as soon as you made the transfer.
  • It usually takes 3 - 5 business days for the payment to arrive.


Flywire enables you to make payments easily and securely in your own currency using a variety of local payment methods including online banking, bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets. The available payment methods depend on the country you are paying from.

We will send you an email with Flywire payment link. You will be redirected to the Flywire webpage where you will be presented with the options available to you and the corresponding amounts due in local/other currencies.

If a credit/debit card option is available for your payment, only the card brands available for your country will be displayed. This is also true for other online payment methods.

The bank transfer payment method displays the amount due along with instructions on how to initiate the transfer of funds. This can be done at your bank in person or through your online banking platform to complete the payment. You may be subject to additional fees if you pay in a different currency than the one selected in Flywire.

  • The final amount shown in your local currency includes any charges or fees charged by your credit/ debit/ charge card provider, any exchange rate fees and Flywire charges.

  • We advise payers to use credit cards denominated in their local currency to minimize charges resulting from currency conversions. If a dual or different currency credit card is used, the payer’s bank may charge an additional currency conversion fee to send the payment to Flywire.

  • Paying by card does not provide the assurance of a best rate guarantee. Paying by bank transfer does - see Flywire best price guarantee for full details.

Digital Currency : BTC / ETH / USDT

We do accept payments by digital currency. We will provide you with a unique wallet address of and/or a QR code.
Be sure to double-check the wallet details for accuracy, as funds sent to the wrong address will not be able to be recovered.

  • In regards to the high volatility, there will be 5% handling fee for BTC and ETH.
  • No fees will be charge if you are paying in USDT
  • The payment has to be done within 20 mins from received QR code.
  • You need to send a screenshot of your “payment done” to us within 20 mins.
  • Contact us for more details.

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