Mainland Malaysia is located between Thailand and Singapore, with Malaysian Borneo and Indonesia each having land and sharing a border on the large island of Borneo. The Equator runs directly though these areas, so the country is covered in lush tropical rainforests and has dramatic landscapes of mountains with backdrops of sea. Along with the crystal clear waters around the islands themselves, Malaysia is an amazing destination for just relaxing on the beach, travelling to remote caves and mountains in the jungle, or scuba diving the rich waters of the country.

The monsoon season for Borneo is from November to February, and the dry season is considered to be from May through to October. However, Layang-Laynag is only open to divers from March to August. Diving is possible year round at Sipadan. Beside one liveaboard which is allowed to take divers to Sipadan, all other diving is from land based resorts.

Liveaboard Diving Regions :

Sipadan is the No.1 dive destination in Malaysia, it well known for it's huge numbers of sea turtles which use the island as a nesting site: along with the famous tornado of barracuda and big-eyed jacks which hand on-top of the reef and can be seen year round. Divers also can see many reef sharks like greys and whitetips, but also in the earlier months of the year hammerheads have been spotted. Sipadan liveaboard trips depart from Semporna, Guests have to fly to Tawau airport and will be transfer to Semporna port.

Tioman Island
It's the most popular spot from divers from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, or for those whose time restrictions prevent travel to anywhere more remote. Tioman liveaboard trip often depart from ferry terminals in Singapore. You will be expected to make your own way to and from the departure point.

Layang Layang
Layang-Layang is a hot-spot for hammerhead shark action, especially from late March to early May, huge schools can be seen in the shallower parts of the reefs, above 30 meters. Because the island is essentially a military base, some years there will be a few liveaboards get the permit and operate in the region, other years there will be none.

Featured boats

Celebes Explorer 9 is a comfortable standard liveaboard, it offering dive liveaboard trips in the Sipadan island year round, It can accommodate 16 guests.

DiveRACE Class E is a deluxe standard liveaboard, offering scuba diving trips in the Similan Islands from October - May. It can accommodate 20 guests.

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