Dive Insurance is a MUST

Diving insurance is a mandatory requirement aboard all our vessels, irrespective of destination. As a diver, you are aware of the multiple risk related to scuba diving activities, accidents can happen at any time. In the unfortunate event of a diving accident, medical bills and emergency rescues can quickly mount up to many thousands of dollars. Medical treatment in some destinations, and specifically diving related medical treatment, or medical evacuation, can be very expensive. You want to make sure that you are covered.

After booking your liveaboard, the next important item to arrange for a trouble-free holiday is your dive and travel insurance. In this article, we will talk about the dive insurance.

Dive insurance provide a a generous coverage and benefit for emergency evacuation and hyperbaric chamber treatments. Choosing one can be a bit time-consuming at first, but it is worth the time investment, so you can travel without worries.

Medical Travel Insurance Vs Dive Accident Insurance

It is true that some medical and travel insurance include cover for diving injuries. However, divers who have tried to go this route soon discover that it is not easy to work with a medical or travel insurance when trying to organise an emergency evacuation for a diving injury. As many of their policies provide very limited coverage for scuba diving or require a higher premium.

Medical and travel insurance does provide coverage for scuba diving are usually require you to dive with a divemaster or hold a scuba certification from a particular agency. Most policies exclude coverage if you make dives deeper than 100 feet (30m). And Hyperbaric chamber treatments are not typically covered by medical or travel insurance.

Therefore, we highly recommend our divers to subscribe to a Professional Dive Insurance.

DiveAssure Insurance

"DiveAssure" provides a variety of primary insurance plans (DiveSafe) to suit your specific needs, from basic diving accident insurance or a single dive-trip insurance, to premium annual multi-trip travel insurance. All travel plans include full diving accident coverage along with comprehensive travel insurance.

Their Dive &Travel insurance also provides extra premium coverage for international trips and liveaboard vacations. This plan secures your investment for your liveaboard trip – if you miss your liveaboard departure or lose diving days due to illness, boat issues weather, etc, you will be covered!


DAN Insurance

"DAN" provides access to different insurance plans to meet the individual needs of DAN Members. Only DAN Members can get DAN dive accident insurance.

If you are an avid diver who does multiple diving trips in a year, we suggest you book DAN Annual membership. It offers 12-months coverage that includes Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage.

Dive and Cruise can offer short-term dive insurance from DAN Europe for divers who do not want to subscribe for a DAN membership. You can choose from 7, 8, 14, and 30 days coverage. Please contact us during the reservation for details.

Please Note :

Dive and Cruise cannot be held responsible for any specific insurances purchased from any company nor claims made against these policies/companies. The above information is offered to help you find possible insurance options, but there are many more options out there, personal choices in which coverage you choose, and possible adjustments to policies throughout the year.

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