Here, we would like to present ourselves and give a little insight into how Dive and Cruise began.

After several years of working in the diving industry as guides and instructors, while leading a seasonal and nomadic lifestyle where we moved from place to place following the sun, we now have a family to support and to grow, so we decided settle down and open a Diving Travel Agency.

We knew our knowledge and experience which we gained while working in the industry: in the water, on the boats, and face to face with guests from all over the world all the time, could be used to help people book the best liveaboard trips for them.

We work 24/7 to offer our clients the best service with best deals, the best boats and the best advice available for their diving holidays.

You can contact us by different ways :

  • by our Quick From : Just on your right - thanks to fill all the field and be as much precise as possible for number of divers, your destinations, your dates of travel etc.
  • by E-Mail : [email protected]
  • by Phone Line : If no answer, please leave us your phone number and your message to be called later by our diving team.
    Hong Kong : +852 8198 1040
  • by Skype : dive-and-cruise
  • Emergency Phone Number : ask us when you book a trip with us

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Thank you so much for your trust, we'll do the maximum for you in return...

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