If it's your first time to visiting our website, then you may have few questions regarding how to book a liveaboard trip with us.
Here you will find some of the questions we received from our First-Time customer/diver, it may be helpful to you as well.

Of course, we try to be as much connected as possible to answer the questions you may have, so you can try to chat with us or send us an email and we'll do our best to reply you quickly ;-)

Q : Why should i book with Dive and Cruise ?

A : We are a team of dive professionals (dive Instructors) and we try our best to provide you real advices on the destinations & liveaboards and overall steps of your holiday. We are not charging any service fees as we work on a similar commission schema with all our partners, so our only interest is to provide you the best rate possible, keep you inform about the specials given by the boat operators and assure you have an easy & smooth dive holiday planning process.

As we are an international team with multi-language markets, we do provide different language supports, our team members speak : English, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish. We can answer your questions in your preferred languages with really good knowledges about all the diving & traveling related activities.

We provide nearly 24hrs online customer service, our online agents will try their best to connect with you on your request, but just remember we are human and having preparation task to make to prepare our trip, so sometimes we can't answer as quick as you would like.

Q : Is there any reviews about Dive and Cruise online ?

A : Yes, you can find some reviews from Dive and Cruise Offical Facebook Page, and you can also found us on any popular social network applications like : Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Webo, VK. In addition, you can found some trip reviews wrote by us on our Blog Section. However, the best reviews you can read is the ones written by you ;-)

These days you can easily google our company name and have different information online, we provide the best service we can to you and we have nothing to hide, in the meantime we do not pay for advertising to be listed on top of the internet, as we want to keep it more personal, from us to you in order to continue to base our work on quality.

Q : Where are your offices ?

A : We have offices in Hong Kong, Scotland and Thailand where 2 are mainly our administrative office and Phuket is where we operate our Diving Center. Our operating team is working from different part of the world trying to cover time diference and answer your requests/questions in a good time . Our local team are mainly based in France, Switerland, Italy, Russia, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Q : How can i contact you in real ?

A : You have different ways to contact us : live chat, application form, email, skype or any social network applications you can find in our contact page. In real, you will have to be part of the cruise where some of our team members are participating to dive with us. Or contact us to know where we are located, and try to arrange a meet up with our team members. We also have an answering machine working 24/24 that inform us straight away anywhere we are with your voice mails, so we can call you back shortly to have a proper conversation.

Q : Is part of your team always onboard with us ?

A : We would love to, but we can't just dive all the time as the agency is giving us lots of work in package preparations and customer services etc.

However, all of our team members from our accountant to our sales agents are participating in dive liveaboard trips in many destinations all year long. You can always ask us and join in the trip our team members are and dive with us. You can follow our newsletter and check our FACEBOOK page to know when our team is onboard.

Q : Can we make any dive courses with you ?

A : If you are onboard with us > Yes! As most of our team members are dive instructor, we can plan the course ahead and teach you onboard in person.

If you are not onboard with us > Still Yes! Our dive instructor network can provide you an excellent dive instructor to teach you a dive course anywhere in the world. You can do it during your liveaboard trip (depends on the location, some locations are not suitable for teaching), or study before or after your liveaboard trip at our selected trusting dive centers.

Q : What is your price meaning on your website ?

A : We display online the public price which are given by our partners in their respective currency, and it's our duties to try to keep the price always updated, but with our wide offers, it can happen sometimes that our price is not accurate and we indeed apologize for it.

One thing you can be sure about is that we will never over-charge you. In most of the cases, we can apply for you some discount in your packages, which including flights, hotels, transfers, dive courses, dive resorts, liveaboard trips.

We are aware of all our partners' special promotions, and we try the best we can to share these ones with you online in our Special Offer Section, and our agents will re-confirm if there is any special discount before send you the invoice. If you find cheaper with another agency, we will adjust ourself straight away or even be able to reduce our offers after verification.

Q : Can i get any discount ?

A : Yes. For a first time booking, discount may apply to participant being : under 18 years old, dive professionals etc. For group bookings, discounts always available, details will depending on the boat & package you selected.

For our returning customers, we will offer you a discount of 5% for your second trip booked with us within a year, and a 10% discount for your third trip within a year. This "returning customer discount" may apply to any individual & group bookings, and can combine with any official promotions from our partners.

Q : It's my first time travel on liveaboard, any advice ?

A : Yes, you can have a look at our blog, we do wrote down few advices for you here : liveaboard trip advice. If you need any other helps, please don't be shy to ask any of our agents.

Q : I have a dive club/dive centre, can i work with you ?

A : Yes. As we are an international Dive Liveaboard Wholesaler, we are able to be partner with any dive clubs or dive centres worldwide under the agreement with our partners. We are able to answer all the questions, advise the planning, and offer dive clubs/ dive centers the commission from our partners.

Q : What are the payment options ?

A : Currently, we have our companies bank account in Hong Kong (with multi-currency options) and in E.U. (only accept Euro) available for you to process the payment by bank transfer as a preferred and inexpensive method of payment.

You can also process the payment by credit card / Unionpay card / Paypal / Alipay, just tell our sales agent, and we will provide you the payment link, but there will be extra fees charged by the payment platform.

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