While you are processing a booking with our agency, you will have different possibilities to proceed your payment to us in order to confirm your trip.

Our company : Dive and Cruise Ltd is our main company operating, organising and selling diving trip worldwide, for different countries and have different company branchs in these countries so while you are planning to book on Dive and Cruise you have the Dive and Cruise team behind to assit you and provided you experienced knowledges.

At anytime you can [email protected] or use the form and we’ll be back to you.

Once your BOOKING REQUEST IS RECEIVED in no more than 24h during weekdays and 48h during weekends after you completed it on our website, you will receive an email from us informing you with the real availabity per cabin and price, in the event the trip you choose is now more available, our agent will offer you a similar trip.

We will ask you to confirm your participation to this cruise and at this step you can inform us how you wish to proceed your payment with the possibilities below.

INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER using SWIFT Network to our Hong Kong Bank.

Payments can be made in USD / EURO / CHF / SGD / AUD / HKD so let us know which currency you prefer and we will update your invoice straight with the currency exchange made on This method usually cost between $10-$30 per Transfer for you, but no fees/loss on currency exchange from your bank. No fees if you repaying from an Hong Kong Bank. A bank slip is required as soon as you made the transfer to us.

EUROPEAN BANK TRANSFER using SEPA Network to our European Bank.

We accept SEPA payment in EURO only to our European Bank, There is neither Fees nor currency exchange if you are an EU resident using an European bank account.

CREDIT CARD (MasterCard / Visa / American Express)

Depending on the booking conditions, the total payment can be split to proceed the deposit then the balance later both payable by credit card or only the deposit. We usually advise ur diver to pay a little deposit (10%-20%) by credit card with no fees added in order to use the Travel/Health Insurance linked to their credit card, then proceed the balance by bank transfer to reduce the global cost. Fees can be added paying by credit card depending the booking conditions and payment currency.


You can pay for your diving trip with Paypal in EURO / USD / HKD, the paypal email address to be used will be sent to you regarding your currency choice.


For China based divers, you can pay for your diving trips with a transaction QR Code according to the WeChat Payment. They payment will be shown in USD or EUR according to your invoice, you can settle the payment directly with RMB from your Wechat account. The fee will be 3.5% per transaction.


We do accept the payment of your trip using one of these digital currency, nevertheless in regards to the high volatility of these an extra 5% will be added on top of it and the payment as to be done with 20 minutes, so the best way to do so is to connect to our website, speak with an agent that will give you the link and amount set, a screenshot of your “payment done” should be sent within 20 minutes.

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