About Dive and Cruise

Q : Why should I book with Dive and Cruise ?

A : With us, you get exceptional personal assistance before, during, and after your vacation.

We are a team of dive professionals will take all of the headache out of planning a diving trip and handles virtually all aspects of your travel! The experience of our team and the feedback from our thousands of divers provides an invaluable resource too! We provide honest advice about all liveaboards and destinations to help you choose the perfect one for your holiday.

We do not charge any fee for our services as the liveaboard operators involved recognize our value and compensate us from the gross amount paid (what you would have paid even without our assistance). Our only intention is to provide you the best rate possible, keep you informed about the specials given by the operators, and assure you have an easy & smooth dive holiday planning process.

You also benefit from our extensive personal connections which carry a certain gravitas when needing anything addressed. We have an easier time getting you perks - it's easier for us to get a "yes" because we work with them often.

As we are an international team with multilingual markets, we can provide different language support. Our team members speak : English, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish in mother tougue. We can answer your questions in your preferred languages, with really good knowledge about all the diving & traveling related activities.

Q : Can I find reviews about Dive and Cruise ?

A : Yes. You can find reviews on Dive and Cruise Official Facebook Page, Instagram and google search engine. You can also easily google us online and get some feedback about us. However, the best reviews you can read is the ones written by you ;-)

We always try to provide the best service we can since 2009, we have nothing to hide. However, we never pay for any advertisement, so we are not always listed on the top of the internet. We want to keep our business more personal from us to you, in order to continue to base our work on quality.

Q : Where is your office ?

A : Our company have offices in Hong Kong, Scotland and Thailand. The Hong Kong and Scotland offices are only for administration, and our Thailand office is also where we operate our dive center.

Our operating team is working from different part of the world, as we try to cover the time diference and answer your requests/questions in good timing. Our reservation team are mainly based in France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Q : Can I meet you in person ?

A : Yes, You can join the cruise that some of our team members are participating in order to dive with us. Otherwise, you can also contact our team members and meet up where we are located. As all our team travels a lot, so there will be chances we can meet on the road.

Q : Will you be onboard with us ?

A : We would love to! But we have to run the agency and keep everything organised for you and other guests, so we won't always be onboard with our guests.

However, all of our team members from our accountant to our sales agents will most likely participating in dive liveaboard trips during the holiday. You can always ask us, join in and dive together! You can follow our newsletter, check our FACEBOOK and Instagram to know when our team will be onboard.

Q : Can we make any dive courses with you ?

A : If you are onboard with us > Yes! As most of our team members are dive instructor, we can plan the course ahead and teach you onboard in person.

If you are not onboard with us > Still Yes! Our dive instructor network can provide you an excellent dive instructor to teach you anywhere in the world before or after your liveaboard trip. Besides that, most of our liveaboards do offer onboard dive courses too.

About Bookings

Q : What is the "Lowest Price Guarantee" ?

A : This is the guarantee we give to our guests to make sure they pay the lowest price for their liveaboard holiday online. We have an agreement with our operators to get the best price available, so our guests will get the lowest price possible online at the time of booking, 100% guaranteed!

The price we display online is the public price given given by our operators. The lowest price guaranteed is the price you will pay to us. It will be provided to you in your invoice. And we guarantee it will be always lower than the market price.

We are aware of all our partners' special promotions, and we try the best we can to share these ones with you online in our Special Offer Section, and our agents will re-confirm if there is any special discount before send you the invoice.

If you find any other website and/or agent providing lower rates, contact us directly and we will match or even beat the price. You just need to provide us the details of the other deals including a link to the website where it can be found. The deal should be for a same product (same boat, same dates, same cabins, same booking conditions, same included and excluded extras, etc.).

Q : Can you work with a certain budget ?

A : Absolutely. We work within any and all realistic budgets, and an honest sharing of ideas and goals helps us immensely when making recommendations. Feel free to tell us your budget upon reservation, we strive to get your dream vacation within the budget you've set for it. There's no pressure to go above and beyond what you're comfortable with.

Q : Can I get discount ?

A : Yes, besides all the special promotions our operators offered publicly, we do offer extra discount to our guests. When guest booked a trip from us, they automatically joined our loyalty program.

For a first time booking, discount may apply to participant being : under 18 years old, non-divers, dive professionals etc. Details will depending on the liveaboard you selected.

For our returning guests : our loyalty program will offer you 5% discount on your 2nd trip booked with us within a year, 10% discount on 3rd trip within a year. And it can be combined with any official promotions from our partners.

For group bookings, discounts are always available.

Q : I have a dive club/dive centre, can i work with you ?

A : Yes. As we are an international Dive Liveaboard Wholesaler, we are able to be partner with any dive clubs or dive centres worldwide under the agreement with our partners.

We are able to answer all the questions, advise the planning, and offer dive clubs/ dive centers the commission from our partners. We've been working with a list of dive clubs worldwide for years now.

Q : What are the typical steps during the booking process ?

A : There are 4 main steps during our liveaboard booking reservations :

Step 1 :
You will contact our agents and provide a few details about your booking request, such as: 1.) Where would you like to go? 2.) When do you plan to go there? 3.) How many guests are traveling together? 4.) Any other special requirements you might have.

Then our agent will check all the current suitable liveaboard options that still have availability according to your request and send them to you to have a look.

Step 2 :
Once you selected the liveaboard option that you'd like to join, our agent will double-check all the details such as the inclusions and exclusions, itinerary details, if there is any promotions we missed and request a holding options for you while we guiding you through all the questions you might have, providing you all the related detail informations according to your liveaboard trip, settle everything from dive gear rental to flights/hotel suggestions etc.

Step 3 :
When everything is clear to go, we will then send you the invoice for your upcoming liveaboard cruise with booking and cancellation policy according to the liveaboard you choose. When you receive the invoice, you will have 5 - 7 days to settle your deposit or full payment.

Step 4 :
30 - 90 days before your trip's departure, our agent will contact you again to remind you all the details about the trip. And of course, anytime before, during or after your liveaboard trip, we will always be here whenever you need us.

Q : What are the payment options ?

A : You can find detail information about Payment Information, just click the link.

Q : It's my first time travel on liveaboard, any advice ?

A : Yes, you can have a look at our blog, we wrote down few advices for you here : liveaboard trip advice. If you need any other helps, please don't be shy to ask any of our agents.

Q : How do I cancel a trip ?

A : Make sure you do read our Terms of Services during the reservation.
Contact us immediately once you made your decision. And make sure you also contact the next involved travel supplier (airline, hotel, land tour etc.) to cancel any reservations you will not be able to use. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact the insurance company’s 24-hour line to start the cancellation process and ensure your maximum refund.

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