Flights are an important part of your trip and our team is ready to assist you with all the flights you need but we need to explain you some few points about it as we are all in the team traveling intensively all around the world and we guess our experience can really help you in that.

For the flight and for insurance reason regarding the luggage or the delays that could occurs, it's really advised for you to buy your ticket directly with the airline that operate your flight, this can be done Online on the Airline company website or trough a Travel Agency near your living place.

Dive and Cruise is also using a land based IATA Travel Agency to prepare our diving group package as we can negotiate group prices but this not usually a good deal when it is for individual traveller (less than 10 pax) so the choice is up to you if you want us to include the flight ticket into your trip but we don't recommend it as per individual.

After these words we just want to warn you about buying by a third party website the airlines ticket, they can be cheaper but in case of problem (delay or luggage) they will not assist you.

Regarding now the domestic flights you need to buy to arrive on the port of departure, we made a network of local domestic travel agencies that can take care about our needs for these domestics flights and we can therefor provide them to you. This ticket will be usually 15% more expensive than the Online Price as this is what the Agency charge to us on top of the price.

We would say that usually for these domestics flights, you should be able to buy them online directly with your credit card, sometimes and for some countries, the payment system just accept the nationwide credit card and foreign ones are forbidden. In this case you/we have to use our local contact to be able to purchase the domestics flights.

Here below we try to give you some of the airlines companies we use for the domestic flight in some of the countries we do offer diving trip and domestic flight are more complicated, the list try to give you an idea and you can at least try them and get back to us to inform our agent if you manage to buy your air ticket by yourself or if you need our assistance for it.

New routes are opening frequently and we'll try to update this page accordingly but feel free to give us some infos if you just discovered some good new flying routes to a dive destination.

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