"Do I really need this?"

As a diver, you are aware of the multiple risk related to scuba diving activities, sometimes diving insurance including Air Transportation are required for some remote diving area and Recompression Chamber asset is a "Must Have" to participate to these dive liveaboard cruise or any diving activities.

In any case, We always S.T.R.O.N.G.L.Y recommend our divers & dive traveller to have one insurance prior to taking part in any diving activities as in case of any accident. Dive insurance provide a a generous Coverage and benefit for emergency evacuation and hyperbaric chamber treatments. You will be happy to have this specific insurance to provide fast & professional medical supports and the cost coverages.

Do I really need dive accident insurance? I have primary medical coverage
Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving as a hazardous recreational activity. If it covers scuba diving, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatment. Many policies may not cover you when you are out of your region or out of the country.

Nowadays, some travel insurance has "included" scuba diving coverage. But they might don't have the local network properly set diving medical supports to help you in "bad events", and many of the travel insurance has 30 m depth limit policies, which is not always enough. Even if you don't plan to go deeper than 30 m there is always a chance you may overshoot, or circumstances dictate that you go deeper. This is the reason we recommend our divers to subscribe to a REAL Dive Insurance.

Dive Assure Insurance

You can find below our recommended Dive Insurance partner where you can subscribe your insurance directly online with them or we can include this insurance into your dive package, you can choose the way you prefer, the important point regarding this Dive Insurance: "DiveAssure"

DiveAssure is the possibility to combine Dive Insurance with a Travel Insurance in case of flight delays, luggage delays, luggage lost or even the worst case missing your dive liveaboard.

Click on the image below to see the different insurance available either for a single trip, multiple trip including or not the Liveaboard dedicated program call "Liveaboard Rider"

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