Solomon Islands lying to the east of the Papua New Guinea, and situated north of Vanuatu, it is in a remote part of the world. It is one of the world-class diving destinations, also the third-largest archipelago in the South Pacific. It consisting of a large number of islands in the Oceania, the country covering a land area of 28,400 square killometers, with a total 922 islands, of which only less than one fifth is inhabited, this archipelago provides endless travel opportunities including the fabulous snorkeling, freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing...

We offer different possibilities in terms of itineraries from the capital city - Honiara to different locations around the Solomon Islands. There are 4 main places for liveaboard diving : The Florida Islands, The Russell Islands, The Mborukua Island, and the Marovo Lagoon.

The Florida Islands is also known as the Nggela Island, lie immediately north of Guadalcanal, there are many excellent dive sites, and there are some world-class sunken WWII vessels lying close to the shore. One of the most famous dive site is "Twin Tunnels", divers will be greeted by a mass of fish that swarm around the reef including lots of pelagic action: Manta rays, Sharks, dog tooth tuna, giant trevally, and barracuda. There are also lots of Sea fans with pygmy seahorses, barrel sponges full of hairy squat lobsters, there are cuttlefish, octopus, eels, and literally hundreds of species of fish and corals.

The Russell Islands lie between Honiara and Western Province. The highlight will be the underwater caves there (not scary enclosed caves, but shallow caves), the coral-covered walls and exceptional visibility. Sharks, manta rays and even the occasional saltwater crocodile may be encountered.

The Mborukua Island, as known as the Mary Island, it is notable for an underwater point that commonly hosts massive schools of barracuda and jacks, big bumphead parrotfish are commonly seen here and you may see an occasional napoleon wrasse or tuna. This is the main place for "big stuff".

The Marovo Lagoon is the world's finest double-barrier lagoon and a World Heritage Site. Well known by its crazy reef shark action, big schools of friendly spadefish, barracuda, and a beautiful reef covered in hard and soft corals. Also have great opportunity to dive WWII wrecks and outstanding reefs.

A regular 10 nights or 14 nights liveaboard diving trips will take you from the capital city - Honiara, visit all the way from the Florida Islands (Nggela Islands), the Russell Islands in the Central Province to the famous Mborukua Island (Mary Island) and the incredible Marovo Lagoon in the Western province.

If you running out of time, you can also consider a shorter trip (2 or 3 nights) in the Central province for the Florida Islands or the Russell Islands. Or you can also consider the 7 nights trip which include the Florida Islands (Nggela Islands), the Russell Islands and the Mborukua Island (Mary Island).

The Solomon Islands are diveable year-round. Although from January to March are the rainy season, but the rain usually blows over fairly quickly, and the diving is still good.

Featured boats

Bilikiki is the first professional liveaboard dive vessel in the Solomon Islands. It offers a regular 7/10/14 nights liveaboard diving trips around the Solomon Islands, it can take a maximum of 20 guests per trip.

Fiji Siren is a professional dive yatch running by Siren Fleet, it offers regularly 7 to 10 nights dive liveaboard trip in the Fiji Islands, it can max. host 16 guests per trip.

Febrina is one of the most experienced dive liveaboard in Papua New Guinea, it provides a unique diving experience in the bountiful waters of Papua New Guinea, it can accommodate up to 12 guests per trip.

The Nai'a means diving luxury in every way, especially in comfort and service. NAI'A was completely refitted in 1993 and again in 2000 and 2010 with the latest technology, she's the best solution for you to dive in Fiji Islands.

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