Bali and Lombok are twin volcanic islands separated by a large deep strait. Both islands have abundant wildlife and towering volcanic mountians which serve as a dramatic and beautiful back-drop. There is no denying that these two are some of the purest tropical island destinations in the world.

From the high trekking of Mt Rinjani to the beautiful laid back beach life of the three Gilis Islands on Lombok, to the colourful and mystical culture expressed in the world class resorts and villas of Bali, these two Islands so much for non-divers. And for divers there is great underwater diversity; from the steep currenty drop-offs of Nusa Penida, where you can find Mola-Mola and Mantas in the same day, to the beach dives looking for wild macro life in the black sand of the secret northern bays, Bali is almost as unrivalled in diversity as any destination in the country. While Lombok offers the chance to see hammerheads on the big dives down south at famous places like 'The Magnet' all the way to the relaxing and calm dives in the Gilis, where it is easy to spot a few reef sharks, some turtles, and tune up on your diving skills.

Both Islands have similar climate and seasons to each other. The rainy season tends to come on from January through March. The dry season is typically from June through to November. But as they are located in the tropics, occasional showers happen throughout the year. The Gilis are a dry exception. With the large volcano of Rinjani on Lombok soaking up most of the rain clouds, they get spared from any rain most of the year.

Water temps vary because of the strong tidal flows everyday which draw up cool nutrient rich waters from the depths. In places like Crystal Bay down on the Indian ocean side of Nusa Penida, temps can get down to the teens (where Mola Molas find it most comfortable), while up north on the Banda Sea sides of the islands temps stay around 28 all year with good visibility.

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Indo Aggressor is a professional dive yatch runs by Aggressor Fleet, formerly known as "Komodo Dancer", it offers various diving itineraries in Komodo, Wakatobi and Forgotten Islands. It can accommodate up to 16 guests.

Mermaid I is a professional dive yacht runs by Mermaid Fleet, it offering various liveaboard routes in Indonesia according to the season, it can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Adelaar is a beautiful old Dutch Schooner with years experience sailing in the Komodo Archipelago. It offers a regular 10 nights liveaboard trip from Bali to Komodo, it can accommodates only 8 guests per trip.

Kira Kira is a buget plus Phinisi liveaboard with free spirit and professional team, it offers both dive and non-dive liveaboard trips around Indonesia, it can only accommodate up to 8 guests on board.

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