Morning Star is a budget friendly liveaboard runs by Blackbeard’s Cruises, it offering both scuba diving and Eco adventure trips in the Exuma Cays year round, it can accommodate 22 guests.

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Morning Star is a steel sailing liveaboard built originally in 1984, it has an identical "twin sister" sailboat called Sea Explorer, they are both belongs to the Blackbeard's Cruises, both sailboats measuring 20m long and 6m wide.

Morning Star is a great choice for backpacker divers who wish to save on budget and hang out with other travelers. As it offers all-inclusive scuba diving liveaboard vacations at the budget price, it become very popular with outgoing individuals from all over the world!

The chef will provide three buffet meals a day, snacks and fresh fruits are 24hrs available. Most meals will be typical American cuisine. A selection of complimentary beverages is always on hand: from soft drinks, juices, to beer, wine and rum drinks - all of this will be provided at no extra cost.

Guests also can fishing during the cruise (ONLY outside of the marine parks), all the fishing gear is provided and our cook encourages it! Whatever we catch that is edible is cooked for guests or used for sushi!

Morning Star and its identical "twin sister" sailboat - Sea Explorer may be used interchangeably. In this case, we can take requests for specific berths, however, specific berths are not always guaranteed.


Morning Star has 3 domitory-style air-conditioned cabin areas with 18 berths, it can accommodate up to 22 guests per trip :

There is no private accommodations, all berths are dormitory style, each berth has its own privacy curtain similar to a sleeperette on a train. There are some regular 110 volt household current outlets available.

There is a shelf at the end of each berth where you can store clothes and other personal items and a few hooks to hang your ditty bag on too.

8 Single Berths - Cabin Area 1 :
These are the single beds in bunk style, ideal for single travelers or a group of 4 to stay together.

4 Double Berths - Cabin Area 2 :
These are the double bed in bunk style, ideal for couples as they offer the most privacy.

6 Double Berths - Cabin Area 3 / Salon Area :
These are the double bed in bunk style, located in the main salon and galley area with the least privacy, it can be booked for couples or single travelers. For single traveler, these are the most spacious berths possible onboard.

Shared Bathrooms :
There are 4 manually pumped heads (toilets) and one shower equipped with both fresh and saltwater taps for all guests.

Pleast Note : Everyone cringes at the mention of a 30 second fresh water shower but it does warrant some explanation! There are two showerheads in the shower: one fresh and one salt. Saltwater use is unlimited so lather, shampoo, shave, etc. with the unlimited salt water and then use the 30 seconds of fresh water at the end to rinse. Bring your own towels, we recommend two, one for topside and one for showering.


  • 3 - 4 dives per day, up to 19 dives per week.
  • No dive provided on the day of arrival and departure.
  • Only 2 dives will be provided on the last diving day.
  • All divings are self-guided, divemaster only led the shark dive.

Other Informations

  • Nitrox:Not available at the moment
  • 15L Tanks:Limited available upon request
  • REBREATHER Dive:Not available at the moment
  • Dive Equipment Rental:Available with additional charge
  • Dive insurance:Divers must have valid dive insurance
  • Wi-Fi Internet :Not available at the moment
  • Laundry Service:Not available at the moment
  • Massage Service:Not available at the moment
  • Payment on board:By cash only (USD)
  • Crew Number:4 - 5, include 1 dive instructor


Sample Itinerary 7D/6N

Blackbeard’s leaves Nassau on Saturday afternoon for the Exuma Cays. Each week is a new adventure with no fixed schedule. The captain will vary the itinerary to take advantage of the best weather and diving conditions. Blackbeard’s will traverse the northern end of the Exuma Cays in search of great conditions with evenings spent anchored offshore one of the many islands. The last night of the trip will be spent in Nassau where you can explore the big island with your new buddies! Dinner on Thursday is served on board at the dock.

Departs from : Nassau, Bahamas (NAS), Saturday, 12:00pm
Returns to : Nassau, Bahamas (NAS), Friday, 9:00am
**For flights to Nassau, plan to arrive before 1:00pm on Saturday.

Itineraries are weather dependent and tailored to best diving available each trip.

12:00noon board. Check in, lunch, unpack, safety briefing.
Depart* by 3:00pm for Central Bahamas. During long summer days, we can offer one check out dive upon arrival in the Exumas.

Sunday through Wednesday:
3 daytime dives and 1 night dive per day/night in the Exuma Cays and/or Eleuthera.

2 daytime dives. Return to Nassau 2:00-5:00pm depending on weather and travel distance. Port night in Nassau! Dinner is served on board. The evening is yours to enjoy on your own in Nassau.

Disembark vessel by 9:00am.


Diving include : Day dives, Night dives, Swim with shark and rays, Shark feeding dives. You will see : Schools of fish, Eels and octopi, Coral and sponges, Lobster, crabs and cleaner shrimp, Turtles – 5 of the 7 species are found in the Bahamas.

This is a very special place filled with an extraordinary variety of dives: Coral reefs and vertical walls, High-speed drift dives, Mysterious blue holes, Wrecks – Austin Smith with sharks and a resident Goliath grouper...

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll see sharks but, rather, how many and how many different kinds. Due to the many shark dives in the Bahamas, sharks have become familiar with the bubbles. Sharks now continue on course, bringing them closer to divers. Safety precautions are taught to divers prior to entering the water.

Our trips to the Exumas, Exuma Cays and Eleuthera’s Split Coral Head allow Blackbeard’s divers the chance to check off items found on their must-do list – to swim and observe sharks.

The most common type of shark encountered on our dives are the Caribbean reef shark and the nurse shark which usually rests on the sandy bottoms. Underwater photographers can capture many close up images.

If Blackbeard’s divers are lucky, the shark gods bestow appearances by hammerheads, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks and the black nose shark.

A highlight of our trip is a passive feed, where divers can observe sharks and their behaviors. Afterward, a popular activity is the search for the ultimate souvenir – a shark’s tooth.


Blackbeard’s sailboats dock at the Nassau Harbour Club Marina on East Bay Street, right across from the Starbucks. The ride is approximately 30-40 minutes from the airport to the dock.

If you need ground transfers while in Nassau, we can assist. You can make the ground transfer arrangements online or call our office at least 7 days prior to your departure. For each pick-up, the cost is $18.00 per person one-way. If you prefer to take a taxi or miss the cut-off date, taxis are readily available at the airport.

For flight planning purposes boarding is 12:00pm on Saturday and shove off by 3:00pm. Please be on board by 1:00pm at the latest. The latest we recommend landing is 12:00pm so that you have time to clear Bahamas Customs and Immigration and transfer to the dock. Once on board lunch is served; you will some have time to get settled in and then attend a mandatory safety briefing before we depart Nassau.


Destinations Exuma Cays
Facilities Sidemount Friendly, Fishing gear
Languages spoken English

Schedules & routes

Prices & conditions


  • Marine park fees & Port fees
  • Full-board meal plan (including snacks)
  • Complimentary beverages (water, tea, coffee)
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Soft drinks
  • Diving activity (incl. tanks, weights, weight belts)
  • Dive guide service
  • Larger tank (15 L)
  • Land excursions and activities throughout the trip
  • Boat accident insurance
  • Cabin cleaning service

Not included

  • Transfers from airport and/or hotel to the yacht
  • VAT and local taxes
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Dive equipment rentals
  • Dive courses on board
  • Dive insurance (mandatory requirement)
  • Travel insurance (trip cancellation insurance)
  • Cabin towels and complimentary toiletries
  • Crew gratuity

Useful information

Exuma Cays

Best time for diving
December - April for the most shark actions. You can dive year round in the Exumas, the water is very warm and settled throughout the year. However, diving conditions could be susceptible to weather during the hurricane season which runs from June to November. The visibility is usually between 20m to 50m. Most areas will have Shark Feeding dives available and most liveaboards will do at least one in the week.

A famous event - “The March of the Spiny Lobster” happens between late Oct until mid Nov near the Andros. The lobsters are usually found solitary on the reef like the groupers but gather in huge numbers. As a diver you can get very close and they will even march over you if you lie down in their way.

About temperatures
Air : winter months are between 18°C - 27°C, summer months are between 24°C - 33°C.
Sea : winter months are between 24°C - 27°C, summer months are between 28°C - 30°C.

Wetsuit Recommendation
In the winter months, a 3 - 5 mm wetsuit is recommended. In summer months a skin or 3 mm shorty is recommended. Please consider in the Exumas area, you will have the opportunity to dive as many as 5 times a day on most of the liveaboards.

Diver requirement
Suitable for all levels. You can find out more informations about diving in The Exumas here : Exumas Cays

Embarkation / Disembarkation
Both embarkation and disembarkation are in Nassau, Bahamas. Guests need to fly to/from Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS).

Visa Requirements
Please refer to Visa Requirements for details of countries covered by visa exemption agreements or different visa requirements for all countries.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from traveller arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission. the same is required for traveller having transited more than 12 hours through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. An overview of the countries which this applies to can be downloaded here: Yellow Fever Risk Countries. Further information can be found under the Visiting the Bahamas section of The Government of The Bahamas website.

Money Matters
The local currency is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD), but USD is also readily used. Cards are used throughout most of the country, especially in the tourist areas, although on some of the smaller outer islands only cash is accepted for purchases. ATMs are readily available in any major town.

Drones can be brought into the Bahamas with pre-registration. To apply for registration please visit The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority

Extending your holiday
We offer a range of hotels/resorts, land-based diving packages, and excursions that can be arranged before or after your liveaboard holiday. Just ask us if you need such service.

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