Dive and Cruise Agency is owned and operated by a team of professional divers and worldwide travel gurus. We offering professional dive liveaboard vacations booking services for worldwide destinations with true advices and feedbacks. We are ready to assist you and make your dive vacations to another level.

As divers ourselves, we enjoy every underwater moments : Years pass by, we still can recall the happiness of our close encounters with the first hammerheads, mantas, whale sharks, dolphins, tigers, humpack whales... We constantly falling in love with all those beautiful underwater scenes, the feeling of being underwater. We turly want to share these beautiful moments with others, and that's why we decide to work in diving industry.

Every team member of us has been worked in the diving-tourism industry as professionals somewhere throughout the world for years. We are more than happy to assist you in every aspect we could for your dream diving vacations anywhere worldwide.

Our experiences and knowledge have given us a deep understanding of what divers/travellers are expecting and needing when plan for dive vacations. From the best destinations to the various kinds of liveaboard yatches, no matter it's for a romantic diving cruise, a family dive holidays or full boat charters...

Let our Dive and Cruise Team find the most suitable choice for you according to your personal needs and wishes with cost-effective, securest, and most fun-filled & reliable options available.

Just simply tell us where and when you want to dive, then we will make it come true for you like magic!

We plan it, You dive it !

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The following members' profile are some of our Dive and Cruise team members, just want to give you an idea about our team. ;-)

The team


  • General Manager @Dive and Cruise
  • In Charge of : Operation management
  • Languages : English, French, Italian
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 1998
  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor #953356
  • CMAS 2** Instructor #SUI/F01/I2/08/80
  • TDI Extended Range Instructor #12871
  • DSAT TEC Deep & Gas Blender Instructor

After 10 years working in the dive industry as a Dive Boat Tour Leader, Recreational and Technical Instructor between Europe, Egypt and South Est Asia, with more than 500 dive courses taught in PADI, TDI, CMAS, he decided to share his experience to the dive community.

Be able to advice and be fare with divers is what he likes, and if he don't get what you we're looking for, then he will ask some friends to advice you a nice and friendly dive center where you could go, just to be sure you'll enjoy your dives with a good team. Any complain or special request are welcomed to progress and be better, it's the way he thinks.


  • Regional Manager - Asia Pacific
  • Customer Service & Reservations
  • Languages : English, Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 2009
  • PADI Divemaster #287907

Born in Chongqing, China. Since she was little her family took her traveling around quite often. When she first time met the sea at the age of 6, she knew she was in loved with the ocean. In 2009, she discovered diving then end up to be a professional dive guide. After school, she spent years on the road and during all these traveling, she always got involved with diving activities whenever she could. She has been worked as a dive guide in Thailand, India, Malaysia and Western Australia. Her free-spirits keeps her discovering the world like nomad even today.

"When I use my experience and knowledge to help divers get their ideal dive vacations. When they return with their happy feedbacks, it just uplifts my own happiness." she said.


  • Regional Manager - Russian Markets
  • Customer Service & Reservations
  • Languages : Russian, Latvian, English, German, Italian
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 2004
  • PADI Divemaster #283296

Born in Riga, Latvia, Ksenia received her Masters degree in IT and spent several years working as a software programmer. Yet, with an endless passion for new countries, cultures and a nomadic lifestyle, she couldn't stay in the same place for too long, and one day decided to leave her IT career behind and started traveling around Southeast Asia in 2004. She opened herself up to diving and decided to make it a profession, instead of just a hobby. Getting her professional certification and working as a dive guide on liveaboards in Raja Ampat, she was able to combine the fun of both worlds .

Trying to unite her love for diving and desire to continue traveling, she joined Dive And Cruise as Russian Manager, spreading the word and giving useful advice.


  • Director of Luna Diving Ltd - Thailand
  • In Charge of : Dive Packages in Thailand
  • Sales & Reservation @Dive And Cruise
  • Languages : English, French, Italian, Thai
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 1997
  • PADI OWSI #946093

Giorgio was born in Sardinia, Italy, and it was here that he discovered in childhood, his passion for the sea. In 2001 he became a diving instructor, beginning his career in Sardinia. His love for diving pushed him to travel in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Maldives and Asia where he falls in love for Thailand, the land of smiles. Here he decided to stay... with his wonderful family, a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter.

He has about 5,000 dives and for those wishing to dive from Phuket, he will accompany you with a smile and his daily jokes. Recent years he has devoted himself not only diving but also to the organization of wonderful diving cruise in the most beautiful seas in the world !


  • Sales Executive @Dive And Cruise
  • In charge of : Sales & Reservations
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 1998
  • PADI Instructor #977983
  • CMAS 2** Instructor

Born in France, Manu had the chance to follow his parents in lot of places in France and abroad when he was a kid. He took the travel virus really early. Travel is his No.1 passion. During one of his trip he discovered scuba diving and he felt like a fish and didn’t want to come up after his 1st dive. The dive adventure started in 1996. He has studied tourism and work in the tourism industry since the beginning. He worked as tour leader on liveaboard and as dive center manager.

His pleasure : make his clients the happiest. He will help you to find the right destination and with some personal advices to enjoy it even more.


  • French Customer Service team leader
  • French clients trip advisor
  • Languages : French, English
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 2008
  • PADI OWSI : #274503

For 10 years, Thibaut has lived from his passion for travelling and diving, he started being based in French Guyana for a year, then slowly moved around South East Asia to discover the beauty of the underwater world. In 2008, he started his diving career in Malaysia with the Padi IDC course and worked as a dive instructor for the following 9 years in Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Greece. Recently, he settled with his family in south-west of France.

He will be following your booking requests and organize your trip until your first step in the ocean. He is highly customer services oriented, and will be happy to advise you as a diver for your own satisfaction.


  • Regional Manager - Middle East
  • Customer Service & Reservations
  • Languages : English, Russian
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 2011

Back in 2011 Marina started scuba diving owing to her husband, a scuba diving instructor. For two summers they worked at a diving center in the Crimea (Ukraine), assisted in teaching scuba diving in “Delta” – a scuba diving and underwater photography club for children in Kharkiv (Ukraine). After working for 3 years in a fitness club Marina decided to try working with diving tourism. She then learned a lot about the popular trends as well as particular features of Liveaboard services around the world. She enlarged the clientele in diving tours, and developed new business areas (such as kite safari and corporate safari). In 2017 Marina with her husband moved to Dubai. She gained experience in private yacht rentals within the luxury segment.

"However, after working in the world of diving safari, there seemed to be no point in yachts without a divedeck and pleasure cruises without diving. And the opportunity to get back to the favorite activity came in the right time!"


  • Secretary and Administration
  • In Charge of : Administration
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 2000

Marine life Lover plus fervent defender of Human Rights and Nature, Jessica is involved in causes that require the support of all to protect our beautiful planet. During 5 years, doing bubbles as a dive guide, between Cozumel, Roatan, Utila and Thailand. Jessica is now the mother of two princesses and switch from diving to surfing once she got free time, unfortunately not that much.

"I will always try my best to increase the client's satisfaction".


  • Sales Representative
  • Plan & Organization vacation for groups
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish, German
  • Dive Cursus : Diver since 1990
  • PADI OWSI Instructor
  • FFESSM Niv.4

Sebastian is definitely the best "fish" of all of us! Born in Dakar, Senegal, where he lives until the age of 10, made his first apnea at 6-7 years old and tried the regulator at the age of 8. He is an accomplished sportsman, loving all sports but his passion is the sea, which made him travel for 8 years in the most beautiful places all around the world, including training and guiding recreational divers.

He knows his field and will do his best to organize Dive Centers and groups for their Annual Dive Trip far away. Now became a daddy of two beautiful little twins (Lola and Manola) lives in southern France, near Cavalaire and always a view on the sea.

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