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07/01/2017 to 17/01/2017

Cocos Island

Okeanos Aggressor I is a professional dive yatch running by Aggressor Fleet, it offers dive liveaboard trips in the Cocos Island and Caño Island in Costa Rica, it can max. host 22 guests per trip.

18/10/2016 to 25/10/2016


Astrea formerly known as Pinguino Explorer is a new vessel that has been modified as a dive Liveaboard, it offer a really good price to bring you to the best dives sites in Galapagos, Darwin, Wolf and round Rock. Astrea is a diver's choice at a competitive price.

22/11/2016 to 02/12/2016


Fiji Siren is a professional dive yatch running by Siren Fleet, it offers regularly 7 to 10 nights dive liveaboard trip in the Fiji Islands, it can max. host 16 guests per trip.

25/12/2016 to 01/01/2017

Visayas and Leyte

Whichever exciting destination you choose you will get the most from your vacation. The facilities on board the Atlantis Azores has been set up for divers, including modern safety features and lots of extras to make your dive holiday all you expect.


Caribbean is a world known destination over the first beginning of the Scuba Diving activities and cruising around these paradisiac islands is a great adventure itself. Our Agency trying to give you the best diving spot has focused on Bahamas, Belize and Turks and Caicos but we have many diving buddies living around so ask us if you want to know more about Caribbean.

There are lots of destination liked by divers in the Indian Ocean and we are visiting new destinations to offer them to you. Maldives is a good value for holidays and offering some exciting diving with Mantas & Whale Sharks in many areas. The Seychelles are a perfect choice for families, non-divers and mixed group looking for relaxing.

Micronesia, means "small islands" is the collective name given to the 2,000 tropical islands scattered over an area of more than three million square miles of the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and Asia. The islands of Micronesia are geographically, culturally and naturally diverse. For divers, the 3 most visited destinations are Palau, Yap and Truk Lagoon.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the Earth's oceanic divisions, separates Asia and Australia from the Americas. For divers, the most well known destinations are: Galapagos, Costa Rica (Cocos Island), Fiji Islands, Australia, Tonga, French Polynesia, Micronesia. Book your diving trip to any destinations in the Pacific Ocean, where many exciting and rewarding adventures await you.

The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem, there are more than 1,200 invertebrate species of fish and over 200 soft and hard corals has been recorded in the Red Sea. This world renowned sea offers the most wonderful visibility all year round and we recommend Egypt and Sudan as the best destinations to visit in middle-east territories.

From the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia has many fascinating dive sites to offer. Many divers consider Southeast Asia as one of the world's top diving destinations. The blue sky, the white clouds, the golden sandy beach, and the pleasant climate with warm waters of Southeast Asia created a rich and diverse underwater ecosystem.

Featured boats

Scubaspa Yang is a "sister" boat of Scubaspa Ying, both of them run by Scubaspa Fleet. Ideal for both divers and non-divers, Scubaspa has a fully functional spa center in addition to the diving services offered on board.

MV Solitude One is a 52-metre merchant vessel rebuilt and refurnished in 2013 to welcome worldwide divers onboard. The new modification brought by the new management made this boat a super vessel to explore Palau area, dives and excursions. Plenty of spaces for a maximum of 22 divers.

Nautilus Belle Amie is a professional luxurious vessel running by Nautilus Fleet, it offers dive liveaboard trips in the famous Socorro Islands, Sea of Cortez and Guadalupe Island according to the best dive season. it can hosts up to 30 or 32 guests depends on the route.

Blue Manta is a luxury liveaboard run by professional dive team - Manta Fleet, it offers dive liveaboard trips in Komodo, Raja Ampat and Banda Sea. A group of 18-22 guests can be accommodated comfortably on board.

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